The Sinsat Mill in Ariège at the foot of the plateau de Beille.

The museum 

Come and discover, Sinsat Mill, located at the bottom of the Quié Cliff, build in the XVII century. The mill has functioned until1950.
On a document dating from 1761, we learn that the Lord of Gudanes possesses the three grindstones mill and that he bought it from the command Templar Capoulet. Further, we also are taught that the king granted himself a quarter of the income.
Feeder canal, water wheel, stony grindstones, old tools. As soon as the door is crossed, the enchantment of the mill will pull its magical spell and will not leave you insensible.

A new age mill : symbol of old time rural life, the Sinsat mill, perfectly conserved is one of the rare buildings of this kind that can still be visited

Admission is free and free, a reservation is preferable for groups (from 10 people) so that we can organize a personalized welcome

The legend of the familly « Lantounets »

In the last century, in the Haute Ariège villages, women had a long standing custom, on  Saint Jean day, they use to go and pick flowers in the meadow. They made beautiful bouquets that they hanged on the doors of their houses to get rid of lightning, hail and any evil spells.
That is how the lady « Lantounet » (each family had his own nickname) will come back later at her house after the picking, a little behind time but radiant with her magnificent bouquet.
Her husband will welcome her with a garland of reproaches: how? At this time? A meal is not ready and nothing is simmering in the hearth?

Full of resources, the lady « Lantounet» had the idea to prepare cookies in the form of a flower. Doing so,  she thought , will take out immediately the bad spirit that possessed her husband.
The lady « Lantounet » had seen right : the man « Lantounet » tried her cookies with much delight and covered her sweetheart with compliments and kisses.
This how the custom of making flower cookies was born.
Today, it is the little girl « Lantournet» that prepares the cookies in a pure family tradition, down the valley, in the Sinsat mill.

The local products store in Ariège

We create original cookies, ignoring voluntarily additive and preservative agent, in the spirit of authentic products, we offer you the real luxury of simplicity.
Among numerous delights, the « Lantounets » cookies, coming from a long family tradition will delight all the sweet cravings.